1913 - 1942 | 1943 - 1975 | 1978 - 1996 | 1996 - 2017

1913-1916 – Bishop John Oliver Feetham made it his priority to establish a church-based girls’ school in North Queensland. He eventually convinced the Mother Superior of the Society of the Sacred Advent (a Brisbane-based order) to send Sisters to open a school in Townsville. 

June 1917 – Sister Alice and Sister Frances arrived in Townsville by steamer ship to prepare for the opening of St Anne’s Church of England Girls’ School. A house had been purchased in Wills Street as the initial premises – it was close to St James’ Cathedral and the city centre. 

16 July 1917 – Classes began in Synod Hall, behind St James Cathedral.

21 July 1917 – St Anne’s School was officially opened with 71 students, including 7 boarders. Sister Alice was Sister-in-Charge. Mother Superior and Sister Vernon arrived for the opening, and Sister Vernon began teaching within hours of her arrival.

1918 – Three more properties were purchased to accommodate the growing number of enrolments. The school boundaries were Walker, Stokes and Wills Streets.

1920 – First Prefects were appointed.

1921 – Girl Guides unit formed at the school – First Townsville Guide 

1924 – House system was adopted – 4 houses were Bede, Chatham, Langton and More.

1924 – Old Girls’ Association was formed.

1925 – First Dawn magazine published by OGA. Anglican Church Schools League was formed to raise money for the schools in the north. 

1926 – Girls sat for the State Scholarship Examination for the first time.

1929 – School Chapel was built. 

1937 – Sister Frances became Sister-in-Charge.

1939 – Primary school was re-organised to accommodate increased enrolments.

1941 – The first dedicated school building was constructed – a two-storey building with dormitory upstairs, classrooms and assembly hall below.  It was named ‘Ravenswood’ after the war. 

1942 – The School was evacuated to Ravenswood due to WWII – acquired a number of buildings as classrooms and dormitories for students and staff. School continued ‘as normal’ for three years in this small inland town. 

1943 – Bunny House was created for primary school children - White Bunnies and Brown Bunnies competed in a range of activities.

1945 – The School returned to the Townsville city campus after WWII had ended. Enrolments grew rapidly, so more buildings were acquired. 

1948 – St Anne’s League was formed to raise money for the school. (Anglican Schools League had ceased to function in 1946)

1949 – Sister Bernadine became Sister-in-Charge.

1952 – Sister Helen became Sister-in-Charge.

1953 – Plans were made to relocate the school due to overcrowding on city site. ‘Ellerslie’ property in Aitkenvale was purchased from Heatley family.

1955 – Sister Lois took over as Sister-in-Charge from Term 2.

1956 – Two bells were given to the school by the Nottingham Mechanics Institute. A clock tower was built and Dr Flecker made a clock for the bell tower at the ‘new’ school.   

1957 – St Anne’s celebrated its 40th anniversary. Miss EE Davies was recognized for 40 years’ service to the school, and five ‘Friends of St Anne’s’ were honoured for their support of the school. 

August 1958 – The School moved to the new site on Ross River Road in Aitkenvale – premises included the main homestead and a cottage, plus the newly constructed dining room, 2 classroom blocks, staffrooms and 2 dormitories. 

1958 – School now predominantly a boarding school. New buildings and facilities added as enrolments grew. 

1958 – Parents and Friends’ Association formed.

1959 – Swimming pool and 4 tennis courts constructed.

1963 – Final year of Scholarship class. Year 8 to become the first year of high school.

1964 – Sister Bernadine took charge for a year.

1965 – Sister Helen returned for a second time as Sister-in-Charge.

1966 – Science block completed.

1968 – Dining Hall and Kitchen opened.

1969 – Sister Rowena was Sister-in-Charge for Terms 1 & 2; Sister Chaseley took over in Term 3. 

1969 – Outdoor stage built by the lagoon. Old dining hall (now Green Hall) set up as a small theatre.

1970 - New uniform introduced (blue, white and brown check dress).

1972 – Two new Houses introduced – Broughton and Keble. John Oliver Feetham Library opened. Primary school captain and prefects appointed for the first time.

1972 – Last year of the public Junior and Senior examinations. 

1974 – Sister Frances dormitory opened (3-storey building for senior girls).

1975 – New Junior School classrooms opened.

1978 – The Sisters of the Society of the Sacred Advent withdrew from the School, ending 62 years of devoted service to education in North Queensland. The school was handed over to the North Queensland Diocese to manage. 

1979 – The first male lay principal, Mr Neil Tucker, took up his position.

1980 – The School became fully co-educational, allowing boys in the secondary school years for the first time. The school name was changed to The Cathedral School of St Anne & St James.  

1981 – New uniforms (blue & white check), crest and motto introduced: Talium dei Regnum (of such is the Kingdom of Heaven).

1981 - Houses returned to the original four (Keble and Broughton discontinued).

1982 – Duke of Edinburgh Scheme introduced. ‘Ellerslie’ house on corner of Ross River Rd and Thompson St was purchased as a future preschool facility. 

1983 – Computer room opened with $13,000 worth of computers donated by P & F. New primary classrooms blessed; preschool and primary administration centre built.  

1984 – Past Students’ Association and Mothers’ Auxiliary established. (OGA had closed in 1980)

1985 – First boy boarders accommodated in St Mary’s House (later White House)

1986 – Mitchell, Kennedy and Leichhardt Houses introduced for Junior School. Technics Centre opened. 

1986 – Mr Neil Tucker finished mid-year; Mr Paul McKeown appointed interregnum Principal for Semester 2.

1987 – Mr Fred Danielsen commenced as Principal.

1987 – 25 boy boarders moved to Ellerslie House (corner of Ross River Rd & Thompson St). 

1987 – School Council established, with Bishop John Lewis as Chair.

1987 - Foundation Week – plaque unveiled at Townsville City Council Administration Building to mark the site of the original St Anne’s School.

1988 – First male school captain appointed. Outward Bound program introduced. Akins Dormitory for boys was opened. International students from Hong Kong and Japan joined the school. 

1988 – Tuvaluan students commenced at the school under the Ausaid program.

1989 – School banner presented by members of Mother’ Auxiliary. Debutante ball introduced by Parents & Friends’ Association.

1990 – Mr Fred Danielsen resigned and Venerable Ian Stuart appointed as Executive Principal, with Mrs Judy Newman as Acting Principal. 

1990 – New double-storey classroom block opened for junior school and languages. 

1991 – Mr Bill Toppin commenced as Principal. Boys uniform changed from brown check to blue check.

1992 - Stained glass memorial window made by Mrs C Spain as a memorial to the Sisters. 

1993 – Rock Centre opened, large multipurpose shelter with money donated from the Rock family for its construction. Rollinson Music Centre opened. 

1994 – Tuvaluan program ceased. Outdoor Education extended to students from Year 2 to Year 10.

1996 – Sister School Agreement signed with Sakuragaoka High School in Japan.

1996 – Junior School adopted same houses as Senior School – families stay together in Bede, Chatham, Langton or More House. School chapel demolished. 

1997 – Mr Jim Raw commenced as Principal.

1998 - Inaugural Rugby Tour to UK and Ireland. 

2000 – School became separately incorporated. School Board replaced the Council; Bishop no longer the Chair. 

2001 – Rowing program introduced. 

2002 – Opening of new Senior School Classrooms and Quadrangle – named in honour of Sisters of the Sacred Advent and Mrs Nancy Armati.

2006 – Middle School opened. Canon Len Nairn appointed Principal from July.

2007 – Early Learning Centre opened; new boys' boarding wing constructed and appeal launched to expand and refurbish Heatley House. 

2008 - New Science labs and a tiered lecture theatre were constructed. 

2009 – Mr Ian Gamack commenced as Principal.

2010 – New Junior School classrooms and library opened.

2010 – Kardinia and Sister Frances dormitories were linked in a major refurbishment of girls’ boarding facilities. 

2011 – Cathedral was the first school in Queensland connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

2013 – The Rock Centre was reopened as a state of the art indoor, air-conditioned assembly hall, sports and performance facility.

2015 – Extensions to both boys’ and girls’ boarding facilities were opened along with two new Year 7 classrooms and the Year 5 Flexible Learning classroom.

2017 – The Cathedral School celebrates 100 years of educating for life-long success