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Indigenous Scholarships

The Cathedral School partners with a number of indigenous scholarship providers to assist promising young indigenous students to complete their secondary schooling in a quality boarding school environment.

The Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) offers boarding school scholarships to Indigenous students who are in financial need and eligible for ABSTUDY to attend The Cathedral School, an AIEF Partner School.

AIEF scholarships supplement payments from ABSTUDY and students’ families to cover the costs of the student attending school, including boarding and tuition fees and some incidental expenses such as books, school excursions and uniforms.

Scholarship eligibility

AIEF scholarships are available where all of the following criteria are satisfied:

Indigenous secondary school students:

     1. who are receiving ABSTUDY; 
     2. who are in financial need; 
     3. who are likely to complete their schooling through to Year 12 academic certificate; 
     4. who have been accepted for enrolment at an AIEF Partner School; 
     5. who will be boarding at the school; 
     6. who are enthusiastic about attending the school; 
     7. whose family or guardian is supportive of the enrolment and the scholarship; and 
     8. whose family or guardian makes a contribution to the costs. 

Family support and contributions

Scholarships are only available for students who are eligible for ABSTUDY, are in financial need and whose family or guardian are supportive of the enrolment.

A family's financial contribution towards the student’s educational expenses will be agreed with the school at the time of enrolment. As part of the enrolment conditions, families will also need to: 

     1. Authorise the school and AIEF to make ABSTUDY and other financial enquiries about the student. 
     2. Consent to release to AIEF all school reports and student financial information. 
     3. Consent to AIEF using and publishing photographs and other information about the student’s activities and achievements. 
     4. Establish a direct debit or Centrepay payment of a family contribution to the school towards the costs of the student’s education.
     5. Comply with the school’s application procedure. 

How to apply

Students and families interested in applying for a scholarship need to contact The Cathedral School's Registrar, Mrs Jane Passmore to go through the Enrolment Information. AIEF is not involved in the enrolment process. Enrolment discussions take place between the school and the family. 

Applications need to be submitted by the end of June for entry the following year.

The Cathedral School also accepts Indigenous students on scholarships issued by Cape York Leaders Program. For more information regarding the Scholarship selection process, please contact this organisations directly.