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International Students

Students from many different countries have chosen to study at The Cathedral School. International students are welcomed into the school community, and are immersed into classes and boarding life with children from many different backgrounds and experiences.

The blend of cultures within the school community encourages tolerance and understanding between people from different nationalities, and provides a broader global perspective for all.

Some of the countries represented at present are: Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmur and Europe.

The international students comprise only five per cent of the school population, so they rapidly develop their English language skills and adapt to the Queensland education system and the Australian way of life.

After completing high school, students can go on to study at universities in Australia or overseas. Past Cathedral students are currently studying in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville, while others have completed their studies and are now engaged in successful careers.

International Brochures

Brochures about The Cathedral School are available for download in the following languages:


Hong Kong


South Korea