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Scholarship opportunities for rural families

Every year The Cathedral School in Townsville offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for rural families and this year is no different.


In 2007 a substantial sum of money was donated to the school by a pioneering family of the north. The money has been used to fund the education of selected students from rural and remote Queensland whose families may be struggling financially.

A spokesperson for the family said the EHSB scholarship, named in honour of the family group - Eyles-Hampe-Scholes-Buhôt, was a small way to help rural families who couldn’t afford to send their child to boarding school.

One branch of the family was among the early settlers of Bowen, others were pioneers of the sugar industry while yet another branch moved west to enter the livestock industry. The spokesperson said he believed the educational options in the bush are already limited, without the added burden of financial hardship.

“It’s really is a question of equity. Rural children don’t get as good a deal as city kids. Often rural families would like to send their children to a quality boarding school, but their financial circumstances don’t allow it, especially during the tough times,” the spokesperson said.

The EHSB scholarship is awarded on academic merit and financial need and will cover all tuition and boarding fees for the successful candidate from Year 7 or 8 to 12.

Applications for the means-tested scholarship are now open to students commencing Year 7 or 8 in 2015. This scholarship adds to the number of non means-tested scholarships and bursaries also offered by The Cathedral School. Enquiries regarding the EHSB, or other scholarships can be made to the Registrar, Mrs Toni Lanphier on 4722 2000 or by visiting the Scholarships section of the website

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