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Students to find their perfect career match Featured

Year 10 students at The Cathedral School are about to find their perfect career match through an intensive careers program at the school this week. Each student will have the opportunity to discover their own unique abilities and match these to possible career pathways through a world renowned aptitude assessment tool, the Highlands Ability Battery.

The online program, which is built on 90 years of ability and career research, will test a wide range of factors including personal style, aptitudes, learning styles, musical and creative abilities as well as interests, values and previous skills before providing feedback to the individual. 

This program delivered by Natural Ability will strengthen the already intensive consultation the School’s Careers Advisor, Ms Katrina Wilshire conducts with students on an individual basis, assisting them to choose a career that will suit their unique abilities and aptitude.


“Utilising materials such as the Natural Ability testing program that assist in providing greater awareness of self are extremely beneficial and run alongside our belief at The Cathedral School, that Personal Development is extremely important to educating the whole individual,” said Ms Wilshire.

The program, trialled last year, received overwhelming positive feedback from both students and parents. Year 11 student, Cullam Wiseman was one of the students involved in the trial. 

Cullam’s mother, Mrs Kathryn Wiseman said the program was one of the best things Cullam had done for himself. “The detailed comprehensive feedback he received has helped him to clearly define his unique natural abilities over a spectrum of different categories and guided his subject choices and career investigations.”

“The testing not only gives you helpful information on your teenager’s strengths, but it also gives an in-depth interpretation explaining how to apply this when identifying the best way they learn, why certain areas of study incorporate their natural strengths and why certain career options and environments will most likely be a 'better individual fit' for them than others,” continued Mrs Wiseman.

Ms Wilshire said, “As the Careers Advisor, the information collected from this testing will assist me to understand our students better and help guide their post school endeavours with their unique strengths and natural abilities in mind.  Most importantly, it will be a valuable tool for parents, to help them understand and support their child through their remaining school years and beyond”.

Year 10 students will complete the program as part of their intensive Career Planning Week from 1 August as well as benefitting from a wide range of guest speakers from higher education providers, local businesses and past students.






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