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Jasmine heads to Melbourne with her mealworms

Year 3 student, Jasmine Vera from The Cathedral School is bound for Melbourne as she has been selected as a finalist in the Robogals Science Challenge in her age group for her Magnificent Mealworm Experiment.


Robogals, an initiative by Marita Cheng (former North Queensland resident – Cairns and 2012 Young Australian of the Year) was formed as a student club at the University of Melbourne in 2008 to increase female interest in engineering.

Today, the Robogals Science Challenge is a nationwide science competition for girls, which enables them to learn a bit more about science and engineering by conducting science projects or experiments with a friend or a parent (or another mentor). Entries to the competition are submitted online in the form of videos, photos and writing in three age categories.

Jasmine chose to further investigate mealworms for her experiment after learning about them in class last year. “I really like learning about mealworms last year when we did life cycles in class. I wanted to understand more about how they live. My aim was to see if their habitat and water source affected their survival and the time taken to go through the life cycle” said Jasmine.

Naturally very inquisitive, Jasmine has been involved with science her whole life with her mother being an Ecologist and father an Engineer.

“Jasmine has been immersed in all things science, especially to do with the natural world since she was born. She loves animals and knows how to identify lots of birds by their appearance and calls, as well as frogs, snakes and insects” said Jasmine’s mother, Dr Kerry Beggs.

The Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday 30 November in Melbourne to celebrate the finalists of the Science Challenge competition. Three finalists and "People's Choice Award" winner from each division will attend and the winners of the competition will be announced during the evening.

View Jasmine’s video entry here

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