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Congratulations Class of 2016 Featured

We congratulate the Year 12 students from 2016 on their final academic results. Following a busy year, highlighted by academic, vocational and extracurricular achievements, our students are now looking forward to the university offers they will receive from QTAC on 16 January 2017.

Students applying to University through the OP pathway had their results posted to them at the end of last month and we are pleased to announce that 21.3% received an OP 1-3 compared with a state average of 11.43%, and 90% of students received an OP from 1-15 compared with a state average of 81.35%.

Special congratulations must go to our five students who received the highest score possible in Queensland, an OP 1, Alex Myhill (School Dux), Esther Lim, Kira Maher, Kristopher Dickinson and Thomas Butson.

Students applying through the QTAC pathway will receive notification of their first round university offers later this week and we are expecting that all of our graduates who have applied for a university place will receive an offer at that time.

Principal Mr Ian Gamack said “These results add to a very successful year for Cathedral students both in and outside of the classroom. However, none of this would have been possible without the considerable hard work from our dedicated and supportive staff and I thank them for all the assistance they have given our students to reach their potential in an environment that values excellence and a life-long commitment to learning.”



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