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Townsville to host Spatial Technologies conference for students Featured

Students from a number of high schools in Townsville will have the opportunity to attend the #spatialrealworld Townsville conference organised by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines on Thursday held at The Cathedral School.

The event is designed to showcase to students the spatial and surveying industries (spatial sciences) as well as some of the new technology in the field.

Spatial sciences encompass the old fields of mapping and surveying. Today they are two of the most cutting edge fields of industry as they incorporate technologies such as laser scanning, LIDAR, UAVs (drones), 3D mapping and more. These tools help to measure and represent information about the world.


Speakers at the conference will include Mick Law, from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Dr Karen Joyce from James Cook University – UAV expert, Co-founder SheFlies; Educator, A/Professor Scott Smithers from James Cook University – Geomorphologist,  Kim Panko Grevell and Mark Balcon from Pitney Bowes and Gareck Packer from GP One Consulting.

Conference organiser and speaker Mick Law from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines said that he hoped students will gain a better understanding of what exactly “spatial” is all about.

“My goal is to get more students interested in pursuing the spatial sciences at university or tertiary study. Once they get a taste of what it is and what it involves they are usually very excited about it” added Mr Law.

The Cathedral School Acting Head of Humanities Mrs Tania Townson said “Conferences such as this one provide valuable opportunities for students to experience and visualise first-hand application of technology in the field of Humanities.” 

“It also creates connections with institutions such as James Cook University, the Queensland Government and other Townsville schools, linking us all together and to experts in specialised fields such as Spatial Technologies” continued Mrs Townson.

“Spatial thinking, digital cartography and data visualisation are emerging technologies that play an increasing role in our society. Learning how to interpret spatial information will enable our students to be at the forefront of new advancements in this field” added Mrs Townson.

The #spatialrealworld Townsville conference will be held at The Cathedral School on Thursday 4 May from 10am until 1.30pm.


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