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Cathedral students take a lesson in personal finances Featured

Year 11 students at The Cathedral School will have the opportunity to learn valuable life skills with personal financial education classes created by The Wealth Academy. 

The program sponsored by Dalle Cort Financial Services and Austax Townsville will see a series of The Wealth Academy lessons delivered to 15 and 16 year old students who are at the start of the personal finances journey with gaining part time employment.

Ken Swan, Director of The Wealth Academy said the financial world is becoming increasingly complex and challenging for young people. 


“Young people are being exposed to a saturation of advertising about gambling, spending, micro-lending and more which makes it is very difficult for young people to make informed financial decisions” continued Mr Swan.

“It is impossible for schools to keep adding more and more programs to their curriculum. The Wealth Academy is an education company that provides a library of financial life skill resources to schools to use within and across their existing programs” added Mr Swan.

Mellissa Scott, Compliance Manager at Dalle Cort Financial Services said they have witnessed students graduating from secondary school and entering the workforce with little to no understanding about personal taxation, how superannuation works and the importance of simple budgeting. 

“Education and knowledge is definitely power, Dalle Cort Financial Services and Austax Townsville are glad to have the opportunity to assist the youth of our community to empower themselves. We have always considered education to be a key to success and this program seemed to nicely support our philosophy” added Mellissa.

The Cathedral School Head of Senior School Mr Ralph Carolan said the personal financial education classes will have added benefit to the Year 11 Personal Development program.

“Year 11 students already participate in real life development programs such as driver education and First Aid training, however adding the personal financial lessons are a real added benefit that will equip students to take their place in the changing environment that is the 21st century.”

For more information about the programs The Wealth Academy offers please visit their website




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