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Three generations celebrate Grandparents’ Day and 100 years of history at Cathedral Featured


Almost 400 grandparents will head back to school for the day when they attend the Grandparents’ and Special Friends Day celebrations held at The Cathedral School this Thursday, with some grandparents and special friends being part of successive generations of students who have attended the school.

This year The Cathedral School of St Anne & St James, formerly known as St Anne’s Church of England Girls’ School celebrates 100 years since it was established in 1917.

Year 3 student Isabella Williams will have three generations of family in attendance at the Grandparents’ and Special Friends Day celebrations bringing her mother, grandmother and great aunt, who were all past students of the school. Isabella’s mother, Amber Williams (nee Lyons) attended Cathedral in the late 1980s, while her mother Ailsa Lyons (nee Nielsen) attended in the 1960s and Ailsa’s sister-in-law Enid Wardrop (nee Lyons) attended from 1947 until 1958.

Head of Junior School, Mr Luke Baills said Grandparents’ Day is a special event every year, but even more so in our Centenary year.  

“Grandparents’ Day is an opportunity for our current students to reflect on the role their Grandparents play in the family dynamic. It is also exciting to celebrate that many of our students have Grandparents who are past students. We are fortunate to have the connecting community we have at Cathedral and this day is one way to show our appreciation,” added Mr Baills.

Grandparents will have a busy morning whilst they are at school. A concert, especially choreographed for the celebration, will be performed followed by a delicious morning tea of jam and cream scones served by the children. Grandparents will then move to the various classrooms with their grandchildren to enjoy the dynamics of a modern education, while also reflecting on their own time at school.

This year’s Grandparents Day program involves a time warp through the past 100 years of music. Grandparents and special friends will be taken on a musical journey through time and take a look at the School’s amazing history over the last 100 years. 

“Our students will reflect on what school was like all those years ago and make connections as to why we are who we are today.  I am sure some Grandparents and Special Friends will know some of the songs and they will be encouraged to sing along with their grandchildren,” said Mr Baills.

“Another special addition this year is the old time dancing in the Rock Centre where Grandparents and Special Friends will be able to enjoy the Pride of Erin or Heel Toe Polka with their grandchild,” added Mr Baills

“Grandparents’ Day is an incredibly special time in the Junior School for the students and their grandparents.  The day gives our children a wonderful opportunity to showcase their skills and talents and there is nothing more exciting for a child than to perform on stage in front of people they really care about and love,” added Mr Baills. 

Grandparents’ Day will commence at 10.00am with a concert in the Rock Centre and conclude with Grandparents visiting the classrooms on Thursday 15 June. 



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