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Friday 18 May 2018

The Tatler Newsletter | Friday 18 May 2018

From the Principal, Mr Ian Gamack 
From the Head of Junior School
From the Head of Middle School
Parents & Friends' Association Carnival
From the Head of Senior School 
News from English
News from Music
News from Sport

Carnival Success by Mr Ian Gamack - Principal 

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the School Community on another wonderful Parents & Friends' Carnival. What a great night was had by all, with great food, entertainment and fellowship shared by members of our school family. It is a mark of a very healthy school that our very enthusiastic P & F committee can rely on the rest of the school community to assist in the organisation, set up and financial support of this important biennial event. My particular thanks go to Johanna Richardson for her leadership of the P & F Carnival team, and to all of those that assisted in the preparation and running of the night. The significant funds raised on the night will now be funnelled back into projects around the school, and I will keep parents abreast of where those funds are spent.

Regina Blackburn News
I’m not exactly sure how many newsletters we’ve had over the last eight years, but I’m pretty confident that every article (including this one) has been submitted to our Marketing Coordinator well after the rest of the newsletter is assembled. Fortunately Regina has graciously accepted my tardiness and has remained calm in the face of broken promises like “It will be on time next time”. The marketing and communications portfolio in a highly aspirational school like ours is an incredibly important role and with no limits on creativity or new technologies, it is a role that carries great responsibility and commitment. Regina arrived at the school in January 2010 and has built a very successful marketing focus for our school, placing us as one of the most highly recognisable schools in North Queensland. Regina was a key pillar of our Centenary planning in 2017 and was instrumental in the success of our 100 year celebrations and publications. Regina has also represented our school at country shows, field days and shopping centres, spreading the Cathedral name with great confidence and empathy, happy to engage with anyone wanting to know about our school. It is a mark of Regina’s loyalty and commitment to The Cathedral School that she agreed to stay on to assist with this Saturday’s School Open Day. Regina is leaving us to take on the role of Manager of Student Conversions at James Cook University, and we wish her well as she takes on the extra responsibilities that will be required in this role. I thank Regina on behalf of the school community for her outstanding service to the school and wish she and her husband Adam every happiness for their future.

Mr Ian Gamack 

News from Junior School

Recently you received an email from the school introducing an amazing opportunity to subscribe to ParentTV.

The Cathedral School has taken the proactive approach to subscribe to what many are calling Netflix for Parents, ParentTV.  Being one of the first schools in Australia to sign up will give all Cathedral families from the Early Learning Centre to Year 12 a free 12-month subscription.  After your free 12-month subscription expires you will be encouraged to continue if you see the benefits.

Terri Talbot our Junior School Assistant Chaplain attended a National Parent Conference in Brisbane last term and was blown away by the ParentTV portal and what it had the potential of offering parents.

Terri was familiar with many of the experts on the website and their research.  Keen to find out more, she signed up as a member in order to explore the content.  Knowing the level of interest and involvement of our school families in being the best parents they can, she could see many benefits it would bring our parents.

Gratefully Terri shared the opportunity with me and with the support of a very progressive Executive we agreed it would be a helpful resource for our 700+ families at The Cathedral School.

So we have subscribed to ParentTV on behalf of our families and it will be accessible to families of children from six weeks old (Early Learning Centre) to Year 12 (Senior School).

We believe this is an amazing resource that can help support both parents and teachers navigate some of life’s challenges with their children and it is reassuring to know the advice is coming from many leading research based parenting educators - both from within Australia and overseas.

Check out what Maggie Dent has to say about ParentTV at 

We look forward to the addition of more quality content as it grows in the coming years and it might even include a local parenting expert who has helped thousands of families pilot their way through this thing called ‘parenting.’  

Stay tuned and be sure to take up your free subscription offer.
Mr Luke Baills
Head of Junior School

News from Middle School

Something that has astonished me over the many years of being an educator is the fear of risk.  It seems that in an age where perfection is expected, it has had the opposite effect and people hide in their safe zone.  

The generation of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are well behind us. As a child you played in the streets until dark.  Your parents were only informed of your adventures if someone in the community reported you.  It was an environment where risk was commonplace and meant we were not scared to have a go.

As a parent I certainly have not allowed my children the same element of danger and concurrently they now hide behind their ‘safety zone’. The old proverb 'if the turtle doesn’t stick its head out, it can’t go forward’ comes to mind. Am I encouraging the dangers of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? I hope not. But they should take risks.

As a parent and educator my wish is that students understand that you have to take risks in order to learn. In softer terms – you must try new things to grow. Raising an independent thinker means that they have to learn from their mistakes and be allowed to take risks – but they are less likely to take those risks if they have never been given opportunities to try new things. 

Our goal as educators and parents should be to embody risk taking by not just doing something new or unknown, but also by taking the next step to evaluate its impact and have a conversation to analyse its effect. As teachers and parents, we have the obligation to model it, practice it, talk about it.

In other words, we have the obligation to teach it! Our daughter was a child who did not take risks five years ago. We as parents started to encourage her to try new things… grow. Last holidays she with her 85-year-old Great Aunt sky-dived. This seems extreme, but she was certainly ready for the risk and knew that it was something that she would gain immense confidence from. As parents we saw that it was a goal she achieved. 

I believe that the Outdoor Education program is a chance for all of our students to try new things and grow. We see students change positively when they are challenged mentally, physically and emotionally. Something that only our students receive as part of their education. Teachers see the positive effects in the class, from this growth in confidence. It will be an amazing time when the Year 8 and 9 students head to camp this term.  
Mr Chris Anderson
Head of Middle School

Parents & Friends' Association Carnival

A huge thank you to the Cathedral community for making the 2018 Parents & Friends' Association Carnival held on Friday evening a wonderful success! We would like to thank all the parents, staff and students who contributed to this event by donating items, purchasing dodger tickets, organsing stalls, performing, helping out on the night and much more. The Carnival is by far the largest P&F fundraising event, which in turn goes back into the school. We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our Dodger prize winners. If you haven't already, prizes can be collected from the Main Reception office this week.

1. R Bournas - 09206, 2. M Perhouse - 06787, 3. G Skelly - 10125, 4. Rob Garrick 07722, 5. Lane Family - 01855, 6. G Wilson - 07238, 7. D Jesser - 07693, 8. W Eremas - 10301, 9. J Butterworth - 07543, 10. E Davis - 06711, 11. C Toomby - 01069, 12. R Hall - 07729, 13. Smithson Family - 01733, 14. G Finter - 00328, 15. M Fittler - 10790, 16. C Nielsen - 07495, 17. T D’Arcy - 02470, 18. M Bainbridge - 05240, 19. A Matison - 03862, 20. Bamford Medical - 10474, 21. W Eremas - 10527, 22. L O’Leary - 10116, 23. P Corless - 06623, 24. S Freeman - 07810, 25. K Tengbom - 01223, 26. R Brown - 08312, 27. G Turner - 06839, 28. J Whitehead - 03744, 29. R Minehan - 03749, 30. D Watt - 07374, 31. A Sarinas - 09156, 32. L & B Bulloch - 06911, 33. G O’Neill - 02148, 34. N Harris - 05972, 35. Linda - 02844, 36. S Christie - 01633, 37. M Perhouse - 06789, 38. K Corrie - 02288, 39. G Turner - 06846, 40. R Hingst - 09090, 41. T Bennett - 00530, 42. S Washington - 00718, 43. R Drane - 01651, 44. J Rauch - 07155, 45. Tanzer Family - 01629, 46. Patryk L - 01176, 47. Or Tim So - 08776, 48. L Morten - 06726, 49. J Cooke - 02229, 50. S Biddle - 07300

The winner of the most dodgers sold is William Morris who sold 28 books!

Class winners of the pizza parties are: ELC – Inventors, Junior School – 5C, Middle School – PP1 and Senior School – SC3

The scratchie tree winners were P. Nam and K. Cook

The winner of the prize for pre-purchasing ride bands is D. Netto.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you for supporting this event in 2018.

From the Head of Senior School, Mr Simon Midson

During our Year 11 meeting this week, I spoke with students about the importance of self-reflection. The Ancient Greek aphorism "know thyself" is one of the Delphic maxims and was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. As students prepare for life beyond school, we equip them with an understanding of the benefits of deeply exploring their personal strengths, passions and weaknesses as an essential aspect of what they can offer in terms of employment and their contribution to family and community life. Our society needs young adults to bring their talents and skills to the forefront where they can be used to benefit others. 

Commonly, people can know vast amounts about others, but know very little about themselves. Parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, coaches and mentors can provide a wealth of insight to young people enabling them to recognise their strengths and capabilities. We have a responsibility to our youth as adults, to point out and support the talents in our children. Young people will develop their own political views, religious beliefs and career pathways. In order to do this effectively, a level of introspection is required along with the developmental experiences and lessons that support their path to adulthood. 

I feel confident that the vast majority of students at The Cathedral School will become leaders in various spheres of influence beyond school and they will make a positive difference if they regularly ask themselves: What can I do to improve myself and others? What did I learn about myself from the experience? How will the situation improve if I take the lead? 

Let’s support our children to understand the importance of self-reflection as they transition to successful citizenship and leadership in their community and workplace.
Mr Simon Midson
Head of Senior School

News from English

On Saturday 28 April, our school hosted a meeting of the local branch of the English Teachers’ Association of Queensland. Over 70 English teachers attended a workshop highlighting how and why Shakespeare is still relevant to 21st Century teenagers.

Charlie Thomson, Head of English at All Souls Saint Gabriels School, delighted the audience with his hip-hop renditions of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and “Romeo and Juliet”. Charlie’s hip-hop crew, The Winnie Coopers, have won national music awards and toured extensively with the likes of the Beastie Boys, De La Soul and Jurassic 5. Charlie, who was a key presenter at the World Shakespeare Congress in Brisbane and International Hip-Hop Think-Tank at New York University, is passionate about engaging young people in the works of Shakespeare in a contemporary and relevant way.

Dr Claire Hansen and Dr Victoria Kuttainen from the English Faculty at James Cook University also gave inspiring presentations about the ways “Macbeth” relates to our contemporary North Queensland environment, and the role of space and place in the play. Both lecturers are keen to develop links with local high schools and the community.  Professor Richard Nile, Head of Humanities and Creative Arts at JCU, also addressed the audience extolling the benefits of literature in an increasingly technological world.
Mrs Judy Salk
Head of English Department

News from Music

It has been a busy few weeks in Music with lots of performance opportunities for the students!

Middle and Senior School Assembly Performance 
We have continued to provide musical entertainment for the Middle and Senior School Assemblies this term. In recent weeks we have heard performances from Stage Band, Lauren Atkinson on Trumpet, Caitlin Weston on Piano, Senior Saxophone Ensemble and Chamber Strings.  Fantastic work everyone, we are looking forward to more performances at upcoming assemblies this year.

ANZAC Day – Marching Drums
On ANZAC Day our Marching Drums Corp led The Cathedral School in The Strand Annual ANZAC Day Parade. Thank you to Mr Paul Neilson for his dedication in organising students bright and early! 

Mother's Day Breakfast
Thank you to the Flute Quartet and Senior Saxophone Ensemble for getting up bright and early to perform at the Mothers' Day breakfast on Friday 4 May. Also big thank you to Mrs Lyndall Penaluna and Mrs Kellie Rich for leading these ensembles in their performance. 

Carnival 2018
Congratulations to all the bands and their directors who provided the musical entertainment for this year’s Carnival. We have had some great feedback about all the performances. Well done to everyone involved, a big thank you to Mr Dylan Russell, Father Tim Adkins and Drew Carmichael for the sound and visual effects. 

News from Sport

My name is Kieren Luxton and I am a Year 12 boarder at The Cathedral School in Townsville.  My home town is Charters Towers and I began boarding at Cathedral in 2016. Being a student at Cathedral has given me lots of new opportunities in study and sport. Recently I travelled to Japan with the Townsville Brolgas Under 18 Rugby Union side. This side contained several Cathedral students, past and present. The side was also coached by Mr John Rauch, who is the Director of Sport at Cathedral and our school Rugby coach. 

The tour was an amazing experience, both on and off the field. We spent 12 days in Japan, travelling to Matsudo, Kofu, Kiryu, Sano, Niiza, Narita and Tokyo. On the field we won four of our five games, including a tough victory over the ninth ranked schoolboy’s Rugby Union side in Japan, Sano Nihon University High School. A highlight was playing a game at the training ground of Japan’s most famous Rugby club, the Panasonic Wild Knights. Our Japanese opponents played a technical game at high speed which suited the artificial surfaces most games were played on.

At each city we were made most welcome by our host families. We got to experience first-hand the Japanese culture and tradition including the delicious Japanese food. The trip had many highlights but the Cherry Blossom trees at Ueno Park, the Tokyo Sky Tree and playing against a backdrop of Mt Fuji will be hard to forget. Many of the players also became quite fond of the Onsens to recover from a hard game of Rugby. However it is the friendships made with our opponents and their families that will leave the lasting impression. Their warmth and hospitality showed all of us the true spirit of Rugby.


Nationals Rowing Championships


U17 1x Brad…. 5th  in the B-final (13th overall)

U17 2x James, Kalani…. 4th in the Semifinal and Gordon, Liam…… 6th in the A final 

U17 4x+ Brad 2nd (Silver medal) with 3 athletes and a cox from Mossman and James, Gordon, Liam, Kalani and Ryan 3rd in the repo (no final)  

SB 1x Brad 6th in the B-final (14th overall)

SB 4x+ James, Gordon, Kalanai, Liam and Ryan 6th in  B-final  (14th overall)

After training all through the summer, 6 of our year 10 athletes were chosen to compete at the Australian National Championship Regatta held in Penrith. This is the largest and most highly contested regatta in Australia with elite crews traveling from all states to compete. However, it is not only the high standard of racing that our athletes had to contend with; the regatta itself is the only week long event in Australia. Our squad is more accustomed to 1 – 3 day events with a large volume of racing. Now the crews must fend off the mental fatigue of extending their race focus to the 7 days of racing along with the physical stresses of racing. The team did a great job adapting to these changes with high quality racing being achieved right up until the last race. This was reflected in the results. 

Over the week, the team competed in the under 17 single, double and quad events. They also took on the challenge of racing athletes 2 years older, in the schoolboys single and quad. We had remarkable results with Bradley rowing composite with three Mosman rowers in the under 17 quad. They were able to score a silver medal in the event. Second fastest in the whole of Australia. Gordon and Liam also placing 6th in the double for their age group. The boys then got stuck into the older age groups. Brad was able to pull off a 6th place in the B-final of the schoolboys single. James, Gordon, Kalani, Liam and Ryan also placing 6th in the B-final of the schoolboys quad. Whilst the boys were pushed to their limits, the progress they’ve made over the week from this experience is easily seen from the coaching perspective. The ability to push past mental and physical barriers was evident with the crews being able to really fight for competitive positions under high stress situations. Also, the nervous jitters and occasional absent mindedness before racing has now been replaced with a highly focused and determined mindset pre race. These skills are ones that can only be fostered in these highly competitive environments where stress and fatigue reach new levels compared to those faced previously. However, the athletes were also able to have some down time over the week. 

On Tuesday the program allowed for an almost race free day other than one race early that morning. We took this opportunity to travel to Circular Quay and experience some of the big attractions, visiting the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. 

Overall, the trip was a resounding success. The athletes have produced some fantastic results, grown as athletes, experienced a bit of what Sydney has to offer and most of all are even hungrier for that bit of bling next year. 
Aaron Wilson
Assistant Coach