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The Cathedral Junior School offers a wide range of activities beyond the curriculum. Our view is that the chance to take part voluntarily in activities outside of normal lessons helps students in improving confidence, enjoying their time at school, and developing leadership qualities. There are typically around 30 activities on offer each week encompassing a vast range of interests. These activities can include:

Health and Physical Activities

Interschool Cricket Hockey Interschool
Interschool Soccer Interschool Tennis
Interschool Basketball Interschool Rugby League
Interschool AFL Wednesday Night Netball
Interschool T-Ball Interschool Athletics
Interschool Softball District School Sport
Interschool Touch Football Regional School Sport
Interschool Rugby Union State School Sport
Interschool Netball National School Sport

The Arts

Sopranino Choir Junior Percussion Ensemble
Animato Choir Junior Clarinet Ensemble
Junior Concert Band Andante Band
Junior Strings Junior Guitar Ensemble


Tournament of Minds Soccer Club
Kids for Christ – Years 3-4 and Years 5-6 Maths Olympiad
Computer Club Art Club
Japanese Speaking Competition  

There are many opportunities through these to represent the school.

In addition to the many and varied extra-curricular activities, students can also take up opportunities for greater responsibility and leadership. Working in the Junior School as Junior School Leaders, Junior School House Leaders and Peer Mentors, students operate alongside staff to create a positive and caring environment.

We pride ourselves on offering an assortment of activities that actively encourage inclusivity. There is an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities, in which all students are welcome to participate regardless of ability or experience.