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Our Mission

Mission Statement 

The mission of The Cathedral School is to be a caring, Christian community in which children are challenged and inspired to explore, learn and grow so they will be equipped to make wise decisions as informed members of society.


     • To be a centre for academic excellence.
     • To encourage an understanding that the spiritual and moral aspects of life are central to our humanity. 
     • To affirm the unique worth of the individual. 
     • To inspire our students through creative, purposeful, enjoyable learning to reach their full potential. 
     • To develop attitudes which are anticipatory, visionary and reflective. 
     • To educate our students to be discerning, sensitive and responsible. 

Anglican Ethos

An Anglican School is a Christian school, with a commitment to Christian values and beliefs. It is characterised by:

     • Tolerance and respect for difference 
     • A high respect for intellectual endeavour 
     • Contributions to the wider cultural life 
     • Tradition and dignity within school life 
     • Respect for tradition of worship 
     • A sense of social responsibility and social justice

Christian Education classes and weekly Chapel services are part of the total school experience for every student.